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Language for English Teaching一 上课 (Beginning a class) 1Let‘s start now. / Let‘s begin our class / lesson. 2Stand up, please. 3Sit down, please.二 问候 (Greetings) 1Hello, boys and girls / children. 2Good morning, class / everyone / everybody / children / boys and girls. 3Good afternoon, class / everyone / everybody / children / boys and girls.三 考勤 (Checking attendance) 1 Who‘s on duty today? Who‘s helping this morning / today? 2 Is everyone / everybody here / present? 3 Is anyone away? / Is anybody away? 4 Is anyone / anybody absent ? 5 Who‘s absent‘? / Who‘s away? 6 Where is he / she? 7 Try to be on time. / Don‘t be late next time. 8 Go back to your seat, please. 9 What day ix it today? 10What‘s the date today? 11What‘s the weather like today? 12What‘s it like outside?四 宣布 (Announcing) 1 Let‘s start working. / Let‘s begin / start a (our) new lesson. 2 First, let‘s review / do some revision. 3 What did we learn in the last lesson? 4 Who can tell / remember what we did in the last lesson / yesterday? 5 Now we‘re going to do something new / different. / Now let‘s learn something new.6 We have some new words / sentences.五 提起注意 (Calling attention) 1 Ready/Are you ready? 2 Any volunteers? 3 Be quiet, please. / Quiet, please. 4 Listen, please. 5 Listen carefully, please. 6 Listen to the tape-recorder / the recording. 7 Look carefully, please. 8 Look over here. 9 Watch carefully. 10Are you watching? 11Please look at the blackboard / picture / map .... 12Pay attention ti) your spelling / pronunciation.六 课堂活动 (Classroom activities) 1 Start! / Start now. 2 Everybody together. / All together. 3 Practise in a group / in groups, please. 4 Get into groups of three / four.... 5 Everybody find a partner / friend. 6 In pairs, please. 7 One at a time. / Let‘s do it one by one. 8 Now you, please./Your turn (Student‘s name).9 Next, please. Now you do the same, please. 10Let‘s act. / Let‘s act out / de the dialogue. 11Who wants to be A? 12Practise the dialogue, please. 13Now Tom will be A, and the other half will be B. 14Please take I (play) the part of .... 15Whose turn is it? 16It‘s your turn. 17Wait your turn, please. 18Stand iii line. / Line up. 19Turn (a)round. 20One by one. / One at a time, please.21In twos. / In pairs. 22Don‘t speak out.七 请求 (Requests} 1 Could you please try it again? 2 Could you please try the next one? 3 Will you please help me?八 鼓励 (Encouraging) 1 Can you try, please? 2 Try, please. 3 Think it over and try again. 4 Don‘t be afraid / shy.九 指令 (Issuing a command) 1 Say / Read after me, please. 2 Follow me, please. 3 Do what I do. 4 Repeat, please./Repeat after me. 5 Once more, please. / One more time, please. 6 Come here, please. 7 Please come to the fi‘ont. / Come up and write on the blackboard / chalkboard. 8 Come and write il on the blackboard. 9 Please go back to your seat. 10Put up your hands, please. / Raise ),our hands, please. 11Put down your hands, please. / Hands down, please. 12Say it / Write it in Chinese / English. 13In English. please. 14Please take out your books. 15Please open your books to page .... / Find page .... / Turn to page .... 16Close / Shut your books, please. 17Please answer the (my) question(s). 18Please read this letter / word / sentence out loud. / Please read out this letter / word / sentence. 19Please stop now. / Stop now, please. / Stop here, please. 20Clean up your desk / the classroom, please. 21It‘s clean-up time. / Tidy up your desk / the classroom.22Put your things away. / Clean off your desk./Pick up the scraps. 23Clean thc blackboard. 24Plug in tile tape-recorder, please. 25Put the tape-recorder away. 26Put the tape in its box / cassette. 27Listen and repeat. 28Look and listen. 29Repeat after me. 30Follow tile words. 31Quickly! / Be quick, please. 32Hurry! / Hurry up, please. 33Do it fast. 34Slow down, please. 35Slowly. 36Bring me some chalk, please.十 禁止和警告 (Prohibition and warning) 1Stop talking. / Stop talking now, please. 2Don‘t talk. / Everybody quiet, please. 3Don‘t be silly. 4Settle down.十一 评价 (Evaluating) 1Thank you. 2A good answer./Nice work. 3Excellent! / Great! / Well done. / I like the way you .... 4That‘s interesting! 5Don‘t worry about it. / No problem. 6OK! /That‘s OK. 7I don‘t think st). 8That‘s not quite right, but you‘re on the right tract. That‘s close. / That‘s almost rigt 9Not quilt, anyone help him / her? / Try again. 10A good try. 11That‘s not quite right, but I can tell you‘re thinking.十二 布置作业 (Assigning homework) 1For today‘s homework.2Practise ariel- class. / Practise at home. 3Say it out loud, belt)re you write it down. 4Copy / Print / Write each word twice. 5Remember these words / sentences. 6Do your homework./Do the next lesson. / Do the new work.十三 下课 (Dismissing the class) 1Hand in your workbooks / activity books, please. 2Time is up. 3The bell has rung. 4There‘s the bell. 5Let‘s stop here. 6That‘s all for today. 7Class is over. 8Goodbye. / Bye. / See you. / See you tomorrow / next class / time.